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Tired of taking supplement pills? Get all the vitamins and minerals you need conveniently in one drink.

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Omnia has all the essential nutrients for optimal health

Omnia is the Latin word for “everything.” This pouch contains powder with all the necessary vitamins and minerals you need to fight diseases and illnesses. Just mix it with water, shake, and drink! Omnia is currently available in the Original flavor (berry), Coffee, Watermelon, and Orange Cream with more delicious flavors coming soon.

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Give your body what it needs

Your body is an amazing machine that needs plenty of vitamins and minerals to repair and build immunity. Unfortunately, modern farming practices have made some of these vitamins and minerals very difficult to get through a regular daily diet, especially if you have food restrictions. Instead of taking supplement pills, drink Omnia. Omnia contains all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals yor body needs each day. 

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and food, building strong bones. It’s also great for boosting the immune system’s function.


Zinc plays a crucial role in immune function. It’s also an essential mineral for normal growth and development during pregnancy and childhood.


Magnesium helps in the function of over 300 enzymes that regulate different processes in the body. Some of these include nerve and muscle function, heart rhythms, and glucose control.

Omnia Single Packet


  • $2.83 per serving
  • One 30-day supply
  • Ships once
Orange Cream
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Omnia Single Subscription


  • $2.50 per serving
  • 30-day supply delivered monthly + free starter kit
  • Cancel any time
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Omnia Double Subscription


  • $2.41 per serving
  • Two 30-day supply delivered monthly + free starter kit
  • Cancel any time
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Your first subscription order will contain the FREE Shaker Cup(s) and Stainless Steel Canister(s), and a 30-day supply of Omnia. Each month after, you will receive your next 30-day supply of Omnia.

Organic Superfoods

100% Vegan

Third Party Tested

Certified Facility

Made in the USA

Sugar Free

Gluten Free

Caffeine Free

Nut Free


How can our products benefit you?

No matter your diet or lifestyle, Sann-Kalla offers solutions that benefit everybody.

Each powder pouch allows you to get all the essential vitamins and minerals in one serving, including vitamin D and zinc. It’s incredibly convenient and much better than taking pills or capsules.

See all the great benefits

Don’t take our word for it

See how Saan-Kalla changed these people’s lives for the better.


“I love the different flavors they offer! I just started using this supplemental mix daily for general health and wellness and also to help manage my weight. It’s been going pretty well so far. Can’t wait until my next order comes in!”

- Chris K.


“This is the nutritional shake I’ve always needed! It’s so convenient and has helped me perform way better physically.”

- Walter H.


“These are hands down the best supplemental shakes I’ve ever had. I rarely have issues with my orders, and customer service is always on it whenever I do need help. Thank you Sann Kalla for helping me conveniently and easily get all the nutrients I need.”

- Jenny L.


“As a practicing physician, I am always on the lookout for high-quality products to recommend to my patients. The Sann-Kalla supplement has exceeded my expectations. I have seen significant improvements in my patients’ overall health and wellness, including improved energy levels and reduced joint pain. I highly recommend this product.”

- Jane V.


“I have been using Sann-Kalla myself for several months now and have noticed a significant improvement in my overall health and wellbeing. The ingredients are top-quality and the results are tangible. I am impressed with the comprehensive blend of essential vitamins and minerals and highly recommend this product.”

- John C.


“As a registered dietitian, I often recommend supplements to my clients to help support their health and wellness. Sann-Kalla has become a staple in my practice. My clients have reported improved digestion and reduced bloating, which is a huge plus. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to support their gut health.”

- Sarah S.


“I am an orthopedic surgeon and I have seen positive results in my patients who have been using Sann-Kalla. The product has helped to reduce inflammation and improve joint mobility. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to support their joint health.”

- Amy L.


“As a neurologist, I often see patients with deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals that can impact their neurological health. Sann-Kalla provides a comprehensive blend of essential vitamins and minerals that supports overall brain function. I have seen positive results in my patients and highly recommend this product.”

- David B.


“I've tried numerous brands of green drinks in the past. I even tried to make my own previously with different blends of superfood powders. I love the ingredients and have to say I really enjoyed the watermelon flavor and orange cream flavor.”

- Daniel T.


“I was impressed when I read the ingredients and nutritional information on the package after trying the watermelon flavor. I thought, "There's so way something can be this healthy and taste good at the same time." I can't wait to try more flavors like coffee and orange cream.”

- Brice S.


“I tried the watermelon flavor and it tastes like a watermelon jolly rancher! I was surprised because most green powders taste real earthy and hard to wash down, but not this one!”

- Kaitlynn K.


“I tried the Original Flavor. This is definitely a contender as a replacement for my antioxidant boost that I've been drinking for years.”

- Talia M.

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