Our Story

This is the story of our founder, Donald Gerhardt, and what led him to develop Sann-Kalla:

In 2016 I was driven to the hospital in Castle Rock, Colorado, by a friend. I walked into the Emergency Room entrance, the double glass doors opened, and that’s all I remember. I face-planted on the floor of the ER and was told I looked blue like a Smurf and my oxygen saturation was at 65%. 

I woke up 11 days later in the ICU. The attending doctor walked into my room and told me that I have been in a coma for the last 11 days and I was in the ICU in South Denver. It took me a while to realize that I had been transported to a different hospital from the one I walked into. At this time, the doctor explained that some nurses will be in shortly to pull the tubes out of me, and he will return after. I thought, “Holy crap! I have tubes down my throat? Ok...” I was not aware of this little fact. I waited for what seemed like forever, strapped down on the bed, until some nice nurses came into my room and handled the unpleasant removal of said tubes. They also removed my straps, so I could sit up.

Now, since I had these tubes down my throat for 11 days, I couldn’t speak. So, I just waited for the doctor to return to explain what the hell happened to me. Finally, the ICU doctor arrived and explained that I had Swine Flu, Pneumonia, and ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome). He explained that any one of these three alone could have killed me – and I had all three! Lucky me! He said that they had to wash my lungs twice and they could not have done it again or I would not have lived through it. Fantastic. Oh, and I had blood clots in both of my calves. Now, here’s “the good part”. He explained to me that there is nothing any doctor could do to help me. No pill or shot or vaccine. The only thing that he or any ICU doctor can do is to keep patients alive long enough for their own bodies to fight the illness and repair themselves.

I was in the Hospital for the next 30 days building up my oxygen levels and strengthen my damaged lungs. And, in those 30 days, all I thought about is what the doctor said: My body has to fight off the illnesses trying to kill me, and my body can heal itself. HMMM...

I was discharged from the Hospital just before my birthday and started my long road to recovery. Every week I had an appointment with my local doctor to test my blood because I had blood clots in my calves while in my coma and they had me on blood thinners. At around 90 days out of the hospital, I went to my last appointment with my lung specialist. He stated that I need to stay on my home oxygen for three more months, then I will be done with carrying around oxygen everywhere I go. And he told me that my breathing was about as good as it’s going to get. This lung specialist had been a lung specialist for 40 years and he stated there is no modern medicine he can give me to help me strengthen my body or help with my oxygen saturation and stamina. He felt like I should accept where I was and feel lucky to be alive. Perfect. I told him I don’t accept his opinion and that I will take care of my healing myself. 

This is when I really went to work. I spent the next year working to build my lungs up and get my strength back. I had lost 30 pounds while I was in the coma and that stress on my body had taken its toll, but I started slow, walking down hiking paths in Castle Rock, Colorado. Eventually, I was able to climb to the top of Castle Rock. The whole time I was taking supplements, vitamins, and minerals. And I was reading everything I could about what the body really needs to be healthy, what raw materials are needed to build the immune system, and how I could help my body repair the damages that had happened when I was attacked by Swine Flu, ARDS, & Pneumonia. I found thousands of research papers on the minerals the body needs daily to survive. All the research proved that our food today does not contain all the vitamins and minerals the body needs – absolutely needs – to be healthy and have the ability to repair itself. This is when I started to take all the minerals to heal myself. I found it so hard to swallow 80 pills a day, but I was on a mission to be strong again and be able to live my life. 

I spent years researching sources of minerals and all the vitamins, adaptogens, and super foods and came up with a better way of receiving all the vitamins and minerals daily. The idea for Omnia was born. I spent the next couple of years working with a chemist with 40 years of experience in vitamins and minerals to create the formula for Omnia, which contains all the vitamins and minerals, super foods, and 5 of the most powerful natural adaptogens a person needs to enjoy good health.

There’s a reason I didn’t die when the odds were stacked against me. I am driven by a passion to educate people about how to be truly healthy. Through education and the Omnia product, my goal is to make sure each person has a strong immune system to fight off disease, a strong body to repair itself when disease is unavoidable and the opportunity to live their best life.  

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